This first post marks the beginning of my attempts to chronicle my life and travels.

In the past, I have mostly relied on my Instagram account as the main platform for documenting everything travel related, but I am starting to feel increasingly like I want to share more than can be expressed through a simple caption. Not to mention, I tend to be trigger happy when it comes to taking travel photos and it can be quite overbearing for my followers to have me gate crash their Insta news feeds - I'm not too keen on Drake style posting. 

So friends, please bear with me as I clumsily tumble my way into blogging.

A bit about myself:  Right now, I am working as a fashion illustrator in New York, and I love what I'm doing!  I actually started my career as a fashion designer, but the longer I sat at my desk entering data into PLM (fashion designer joke :p), the more I realised how much I love the illustration aspect of the design process. I love being able to put down on paper what I see in my head and be able to share that vision with an audience. You can see my work here.

I aspire to marry my passion for drawing with my love for travel, which leaves me forever inspired! There is nothing more exciting than spending time in a new corner of the world.  I like studying different cultures, meeting new people, and reveling in all the ways it can be new and familiar at the same time. So here is where I hope to document my travels and experiences and hopefully leave you better equipped for your next venture!

There is so much that I am looking forward to sharing!